The NWICC board consists of the following members:


Adeel Ahmed


I work at the University of Minnesota where I teach Community Economic Development. I have been proactive in the Muslim community since my college days. I was an active member of the Muslim Student Association (MSA), one of the founding fathers of the Muslim Youth of Minnesota (MYM), an advisor to the first batch of officers to the board of Al-Madinah Cultural Center at the University of MN, and on the board of the Islamic Center of MN (ICM), where I served as a social director. Finally, I have been instrumental in the community building process in the Northwest Metro Masjid project.





Adel Syed


I was born in Kuwait and raised in America. I became a Hafiz of Quran in April of 2001. I have been involved with different masjids in different states ever since. I have been teaching Quran since the age of fifteen. I got my degree in Liberal Arts in 2008 and have been working in the family business ever since. I came to MN a year ago and have been very fortunate to have become a part of this community.







 Amir Moheet


Amir MoheetI live with my wife and 2 daughters in Plymouth. We have lived in western suburbs of Twin Cities since we moved to Minnesota around 6 years ago. I’m physician by profession and work at the university of Minnesota. I ‘m also an active member of MHPM (Muslim health professionals of Minnesota). I have been an active member of NWICC for the last several years and have had the privilege to volunteer in many of the NWICC activities. We are blessed to have an Islamic center like NWICC in our community. If I’m elected to the board, I hope to continue the efforts to improve ongoing and develop new programs to support the needs of our growing community.








Khalil Houri


Khalil received his M.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Aachen in Germany where he was an active member of the local student organization as well as the Islamic Center of Aachen. In 1998 Khalil and his family moved to Minnesota. He has been an active member of the Al-Amal School PTA and the Islamic Center of Minnesota. As a speaker of the Islamic Resource Group, Khalil gave presentations on Islam in High Schools across the Twin Cities. In 2009 Khalil co-founded the Northwest Islamic Community Center organization and he is currently the president of the NWICC board.






 Mateen Ali


I have been employed by Best Buy for the last 10 years and work in the Finance sector. I have also held Managerial positions at Target and National Car. I grew up in the Plymouth area and graduated from Armstrong High school. Back then, the Plymouth area was all farmland. I want to make a Masjid in the Maple Grove/Plymouth area a reality. A Masjid that will provide a place for us to perform five daily prayers, conduct Iftaars, Taraweeh prayers, Itikhaf, kids activities, family nights/Halaqas, and Eid parties. A place that we can call our own! All of the above services are important, but we especially need a place for our kids. We need them to be involved and prepare them to be Muslim leaders of tomorrow. Programs like "One Brick at a Time", "Youth basketball", and” Muslim Girl Scouts" will help create Muslim leaders of tomorrow.







Tamim Saidi


Tamim Saidi, was born in Afghanistan.  As a teenager, he was forced to leave his family behind and flee to Pakistan as a refugee.

He came to the US in 1990 and has called MN home ever since.


He is a father of 4 children, a son and a husband and a brother.


He received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from U of MN and currently works as a Consultant Pharmacist.


He has been involved in many community activities:

One of the Co-founders and currently the President of NWICC Board (Plymouth masjid) [www.NWICC-MN.org]

Has been a speaker, board member and former VP of Islamic Resource Group (www.IRGMN.org),

Former President and a founding member of MYLA Scholarship.

He has been a Sunday school teacher at Islamic Center of MN (ICM) and NWICC for the past 16 years, including a high school level honors class, Vision-21, at ICM-Fridley.

He has been a participant & presenter in many interfaith dialogues and activities.

He is a member of Al-Amal School Board of Directors


Previously he has been part of Muslim Youth of MN (MYM), Muslim Students Associations, and a former member of Council of Trustees of Islamic Center of MN. 

He is also one of the founders and one of the moderators of one of MN’s largest Muslim email lists (MN Muslims). 

He has spoken and presented to thousands of Minnesotans about Islam and Muslims’ culture and way of life.  

He has been leading prayers (Imam) & delivering weekly Friday sermons at various locations throughout Twin Cities.


Some of his articles appear at  EngageMN.com, a local group with a mission to improve the understanding of Minnesotans about their Muslim neighbors and Islam.  He was also published in op/ed sections of Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, USA Today, St. Cloud Times and MN Daily.




Sadia Tarannum











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To Contact the NWICC Board

send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Prayers Iqama Timings

5:45 AM
12:30 PM
Sunday Dhuhr
1st Jamaat after Athan
2nd Jamaat 1:30 PM
3:30 PM
5 min after Athan
8:00 PM

Friday Jumaah Khutbah

1st 12:00 PM

2nd 01:00 PM

8:00 AM - 8:15 AM for Youth (use main entrance)


4:15 PM - 5:00 PM Youth Halaqah

Updated - February 26, 2017

We are looking for Sunday School parents, students and NWICC members to join the Green Team of Masjid Al-Kareem.

The responsibilities of this team will be to establish and maintain an environmentally conscious Muslim community
Click here for the flyer

Vision: The Green Team is committed to supporting the Northwest Islamic Community Center Masjid Al-Kareem in building an environmentally sustainable community in a comprehensive and collaborative effort. The program’s main focus is to inspire NWICC members, weekend school students, staff and all visitors of our masjid to embrace environmental sustainability and focus on reducing each individual’s negative impact on the earth—to follow the teaching of our religion in becoming good stewards of this planet

  • "It is He who has appointed you viceroys in the earth … that He may try you in what He has given you." (Qur’an, 6:165)
  •  “Eat and drink from the provision of Allah, and do not commit abuse on the earth, spreading corruption." (Qur'an, 2:60)
Values: The Green Team’s guiding principles are
  • Increase the informed stewardship of nature, personal environmental responsibility, civic accountability and passion for sustainable living practices.
  • Adopt high-quality environmental sustainability courses and a curriculum promoting environmental literacy.
  • Enrich students’ learning experience by developing their skills.
To Join and for More Information Please Contact Brother Khalil at (612)360-1640 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



NWICC is organized exclusively for Islamic educational, religious, charitable, and social activities. All assets of NWICC are to be used for religious and social purposes documented in the by-laws. All its activities shall be in accordance with the Quran, authentic Sunnah, laws of the State of Minnesota, and the laws of The United States of America. The aim and purpose of NWICC is to serve the best interest of Muslims of Minnesota, particularly the Muslims living in the West and Northwest Metropolitan Areas (Plymouth/Maple Grove and it's neighboring communities).


3300 Plymouth Blvd
MN 55447

(612)75 NWICC


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